Hi Mother, Hi Father

Hi mother, Hi father. Look at me! Your first kid! Are you thrilled? Are you happy? Will you love me? Mummy, am I too heavy? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Mummy. You’re gaining so much weight because of me. Will you still love me even if I gave you so much pain? Don’t worry, Mummy! I’ll be out of here before you know it!

Hi mother, Hi father! Look I’m getting older now. I hope you’re not fed up of me. I’m almost an adult now. I know I’ve been a burden to you for long enough. Long enough that you would think that I am not worth it anymore. I’m sorry, Daddy if I made you angry. I’m sorry, Mummy because I’m lazy sometimes. Even if I try to tell you what’s wrong, you never listened. I hope you don’t do the same to my little sis. I hope you listen to her. Mummy, Daddy, there is so much more than raising your child accordingly. I hoped you raised me with love and happiness, not annoyance and hurt and regret. Even when at Seven years old when you told me you don’t love me, I never understood why. Was it because I made you gain weight or was it because I am lazy or was it because I didn’t become an engineer like you wanted? I’m sorry Mummy and Daddy.

Hi mother, Hi father. I can see you from up here. I’ll always look after all of you! Sometimes you look up at the sky and I would wonder if you remember me. Don’t worry, Mummy. I’m happy here. Don’t worry, Daddy. There are no boys trying to go for me. I know I left early but I am happy now. The words you called me and told me doesn’t give me grief anymore. I am happy that you guys and my little sis is happy. I’m happy you learned from what happened to me. I love you, Mummy and Daddy!


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