For years I’ve built my walls. I kept myself clean as an untouched canvas.
I was contented. I was quiet and boring, but i get by.

For years, i lived in my own ivory tower, no one dared to approach. I was untouchable.

Then one ordinary day turned into a frenzy.
Someone came. Someone overtook my tower.
It was a he.

My once blank canvas is now a colorful mess of him and me.
I was colorful. Life was beautiful. He was there.

I never thought that someone would be able to come and take me away from my ivory tower, to color me in with swirling colors of red, orange and yellow.

What an intense combination, I said. How beautiful, I said. Then alas! Here came the storm

My own canvas was filled with purple black and blue. How? How did the once fiery passion for each other turned into a cold bruise? How was our fiery light doused by the beaten black and blue?

I’m not as mesmerizing as I was when I was the hues of red. I am now the cold hues of purple and blue. I am once again distant from warmth.

Then, he left. He left with the fire inside of me and left me alone and cold in the darkness of my tower.
Once again, I am alone. Rebuilding my walls, stronger this time. Now that I am broken and bruised, it is time to escape myself. It is time to leave and never ever come back. Maybe it is time for me to go back to neverland.
Maybe it’s time to go back to my fantasy.


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